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Without going to the long description and details of effects and benefits of body detoxification, I'd straight go to the recipes. Cause' if you're reading this, you know the need and importance of detoxification. But the general goal is to cleanse the body from within by drinking liquids and allowing the body to expel all the "bad chemical" that causes bloating, acne, weight gain and all other problems that come with eating inorganic/unhealthy foods.

As a beginner you may face problems in strict diet plans, as a sudden change can lead to depression and moodiness etc. So you should get used to it first, and once you're in system, then you can take bigger steps. The goal here is to start from a scratch and then keep going. However there are some DOs and DON'Ts that you must focus on.


Once you plan to start, stay away from excessive Salt, Sugar, Oily meals, Deep fried dishes and late night meals.


Start eating fibrous meals with more proteins in it, Oatmeal, Fruits, Green Vegetables are the ones you should focus on in your diet as a beginner.

Recipe One



Boil Two liters of water with a teaspoon of sliced ginger and few leaves (about 15-20) of mint. Let it cool for sometime. Slice a normal sized organic cucumber into small cubes. Slice a lemon into few rings. Now add both the ingredients to boiled ginger and mint water, leave it overnight and start the next day with LMC detox water prior to eating anything. You can refill it once for a second shift but dont use it for more than one day.


It IS a natural detoxifying drink with antioxidants.

Purifies Blood and balances pH.

It is rich in vitamin C which makes it good our hair, skin, nails. Vitamin C also reduces aging effects and boosts up immune system.

It help you maintain a flat belly and aids in weight loss.

The cucumber in the drink can help in headaches and controls blood-pressure.

It also reduces cholesterol to some level.

Hope this blog will help yall. :)


Stay happy and healthy, keep smiling Don't give Take care GOOD LUCK :)


See you soon with another recipe.

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