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All of us are freelancers and we try different websites for better work opportunities. After coming into the field of freelancing, we get mature each day. Initially, we might get confused but with time we observe different websites and decide which one is best for us. A variety of websites is available on the internet for each type of persons. Some people like to work for themselves by creating own website or blog etc. while others work on the client-based platform. All of us are familiar with Fiverr.




Fiverr is a platform which allows you to make money from home. It’s one of the best online selling platforms on the internet. Fiverr is a client based website in which customers/ clients pay for getting the services of a person. This website helped a lot in providing a platform to all the freelancers. It’s a great initiative indeed. People from all part of the world use fiverr for selling and buying services. But as usual, fiverr also has some pros and cons. Today, I am going to discuss the benefits of using Fiverr. Why should you use fiverr? What are the advantages of fiverr etc. and with that, I am also highlighting the flaws of using fiverr. Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Fiverr respectively.

Advantages of Fiverr

Let’s have a look on some plus points of fiverr.

Fiverr is Cost effective

As we all know that the services of fiverr start off at 5$, which is acceptable for both the seller and buyer. Usually, vendors charge a lot for a small task but fiverr provides access to the whole world. It means the client can choose the one with affordable cost. Besides that, it is also beneficial for the beginners.

Beginners mostly work a lot but are not paid well. But with fiverr beginners can get at least 5$ per service. 5$ is not a bad deal. Hence, Fiverr work both for the benefit of seller and buyer.



Fiverr is much easy and user-friendly

Understanding the environment of fiverr is much easy for anyone. Even beginners can easily understand each and everything about fiverr. There is no pointless stuff on fiverr that can confuse the users. You can start your work just after signing up; there is no need to wait for any approval.

At fiverr you don’t have to beg for work



One of the cool things about fiverr is that you don’t need to text the customers to buy your services rather you just have to put a gig. The customers contact the sellers according to their need. Hence, requesting the customers through messages or showing them your entire work list does not work at fiverr.

 A lot more benefits of fiverr are also available indeed. But I am moving towards the disadvantages of fiverr. Let’s have a look at them.

Disadvantages of fiverr

Fiverr cuts 20% commission

The biggest disadvantage of working with fiverr is the tax applied to each transaction. Fiverr takes a 20% commission on each transaction which is probably a huge amount. It means a beginner can get only 4$ before working on a project of 5$. 1$ will be the commission of fiverr. This rate is a bit high; it should be reduced so that buyers get more interest in fiverr.



Fiverr is hectic for beginners

Fiverr might be good for those who are using it for many years but it is very hectic for beginners. Having your first project on fiverr is one of the difficult tasks. As all the sellers are available at the same price so no one takes the risk to try a beginner. Everyone look for expert or someone with positive reviews. Hence, the beginners would get a chance after struggling for months.



Buyers on fiverr create frustration



The buyer should first contact with the seller to ask either he /she can do his work at a specified time or not. But fiverr does not provide this facility rather the customer places the order before asking anything. This will be frustrating for sellers because might be they are not available. In this case, the buyer has to complete the task with time otherwise he/she will get negative reviews.

Fiverr block account without any reason

One of the greatest disadvantages of fiverr is that it is not reliable. The fiverr team can shut down your account anytime and due to any reason. All the efforts the person had made to make customers is gone. This is one of the blenders of fiverr that your account can be blocked and you would not be able to do anything. One of my friends was complaining about this flaw also.



Fiverr itself decide to shut down all operations and everything is blocked. Or sometimes the fiverr team increases the commission up to 30%. All these issues are devastating for the users.


Hence, according to me fiverr is good for those who are already working here for a long time. They are capable of affording fiverr because their earning is much high. While for beginners fiverr is not that attractive because they find a lot of difficulties.

Disadvantages of fiverr are difficult to manage for a person like me. Waiting a lot just for the first project is too hard. I think is a fantastic site for all the beginners because this platform is all in your hands. You are your own boss here. So, I will prefer beginners to use websites like this to start their career in freelancing.

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