Flaws in our education system

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Afghanistan has been ranked on third number country with lowest literacy rate,two countries Chad and Burkina Faso lagging behind Afghanistan in table of lowest literacy rate.According to UN report,literacy rate in Afghanistan is 28.1%.Male literacy is 43.1% and female literacy is 12.6%.Russian Invasion and then civil war destroyed education system of Afghanistan and decreased literacy rate in Afghanistan.

Despite war and destruction in Afghanistan, there has been seen numerous other problems that are increasing number of illiterate.Karzai government has taken steps to improve literacy rate but still challenges are there and hard efforts are needed to increase that numbers. here are some flaws that currently are faced by our education system,

1.Teachers credential

our education system lack quality teachers.Majority of teachers are untrained and they are unable to teach or deliver lessons to their students.According to statistics by ministry of higher education,80% of countries 165,000 teachers have not completed their post secondary studies.Teachers are teaching without proper training and qualification.

2.Proper infrastructure

In rural areas,people have to study in tents or open buildings with no facility of chair and table.Students have to sit in open ground.There is lack of schools where students can go and study.students do not have access to proper facilities that hinders their education and hence cause decrease in literacy.Around 4500 schools have been built in last 8-9 years by current government with support from international community.

3.Child labor

According to UNICEF estimate,Close to quarter of Afghan children between age of 7-14 are working and more importantly, ratio of girls are higher compare to boys.This is quite alarming situation where close to quarter of children are working.Poor financial situation and lack of awareness is causing child labor and specially in rural areas.Majority of students could not complete their studies because of child labor and poverty.

4.Old curriculum

Though efforts are made to change curriculum that were designed by taliban but still curriculum is not of international standard.More over there are lack of enough books to be provided to the students.International community and Afghanistan government needs to work on curriculum issue.

There are many other issues that are related to our education system.current efforts are not enough to bring satisfactory result.Education emergency should be implemented to increase literacy rate.



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