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Everyone of us knows that Food is the essential requirement of human life. Food gives us Food for life activities. It also provides us with the materials that are necessary by our body to grow. The materials that we require for keeping our body strong also come from the foodstuff we eat.


            Most of the food we eat comes whichever from plants or animals. We eat bread, vegetables and fruit that come from plants. Milk, meat, fish, butter and eggs are obtained from animals. Our food include many substances that are vital for our body. Different foods have different quantities of food groups in them. Some are affluent in carbohydrate, others may contain higher quantity of proteins. Still others may be grouped as fatty foods. Fruits and vegetables are known to have more salts and vitamins.

CARBOHYDRATES. Table sugar that we use daily as sweetener is a carbohydrate. The sugar, which is present in fruits, is also a carbohydrate. Carbohydrate are quick cause of energy and provide most of our body’s energy.

PROTEINS. Meats, eggs, fish, pulses, milk and chicken are rich in proteins. Proteins help to build our body. Our muscles are made up of proteins. Proteins are also essential for growth and repair of spoiled parts of the body.

            FATS. Fats are obtained from animals as well as from plants. Fat from animals is originated in butter and animal fat. Fats from plants are found in cooking oils such as canola oil and sunflower oil. Fats are also here in nuts and some seeds. Fats are the richest source of energy. Fats produce more twice as much energy as the same amount of carbohydrate.

            VITAMINS. Vitamins are wanted in very small quantities by the bodies of living organisms. They do not offer energy to the body but they are necessary for proper growth and functioning of the body. Vitamins are of diverse types. They are often represented by letters of alphabet e.g. vitamin A, B, C, D, E, and K. Deficiency of vitamins causes a number of diseases.

MINERALS. We get most of our minerals from meat, grain, vegetables, fruits, eggs and seafood. The most ordinary mineral that we use in our daily life is the table salt. Common table salt contains sodium. Some other minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium etc, are also essential for our body. The minerals are needed in the configuration of body tissues such as bones. In fact minerals play an significant role in our growth.

            BALANCED DIET. We need proteins for enlargement and repair of body parts, fats and carbohydrates are required for energy. Minerals and vitamins are needed for appropriate growth and functioning of our body. In order to get these things, we should use milk, vegetables, fruits, and meat in proper quantities in our daily life.

UNBALANCED DIET & ITS EFFECTS. A diet that need in one or more significant apparatus of food is called unbalanced diet. We may turn into sick if we eat unbalanced diet. In other words we can say that lack of fats and carbohydrates grounds general fault of the body. Deficiency of vitamin A causes night blindness whereas shortage of iodine causes goiter.












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