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According to the statistic that is realesed by some research institutions, foot ball is the most popular sport in this world. Nowdays, foot ball has spread all over start from city until to the remote area. Foot ball is not only game but also industry. Do you know why foot ball becomes an industry?. Global economy has changed because of this industry. Several years ago, foot ball is only sport that is played by eleven players and its purpose is only to entertain the audience. There are some good effects of foot ball industry, such as; creating new job field, making the competetion more interesting and also making foot ball more popular.



Here some foot ball players that are very famous club from spain that always wins some competetions. Do you know about them?.

Many people want to be  foot ball players because beside they will get high salary every competeion and the will be healthier than people who seldom play foot ball.

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