For OFWs: Acquire OEC Without Paying Philhealth and Pag ibig

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This sounds like nothing to Filipinos who are in the Philippines but trust me, this is a great thing to all those who are working outside of the country, those whom we call as Overseas Filipino Workers, OFWs. I had experienced how to be one so I definitely have gone through the hassle of getting this document.

OEC - Overseas Employment Certificate

This is a kind of document which every legal OFW who are on vacation should acquire before leaving the country on their way back to their respective employers. See if you can't provide this, immigration won't let you get out of the country.

OFWs have two options either to acquire in their respective employer's country or acquire here in the Philippines. While I know that if you get it from the Philippines, Pag ibig and Philhealth fees are required to be paid. However, when I got mine in Dubai, I only paid the OEC fee which was only 10dirhams, more or less 100 pesos but it was highlighted that we should pay our PhilHealth and Pag ibig fees.

But it is good to know that OFWs can acquire the OEC without paying the rest because we all know our kababayans go home to enjoy and I bet that most of their money is consumed while on a vacation.

Here's the advisory:

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