Forests and their Advantages

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Forest play very important role to make world beautiful. Forest is the place where we can found many creation of Allah that we can’t see before them. And we also found many treasures from the forests they are very useful for us. I describe the advantages on the forests one by one and then disadvantages.

Advantages of Forests:

  • They give us fruits and flowers.

  • We can make furniture from the woods of forests which make our houses more beautiful.
  • We can found meals for our animals and other animals are also found in forests that are use for meat.
  • They give us Honey which is very useful for Diabetes patients.

  • Many shrubs are found in forests that’s use in medicines.
  • Woods are very necessary for us to travel on the water give us by forests.
  • Forests make the air clean for us to breath.
  • Climate also control by the forests they make atmosphere clean and regulate the temperature of the earth. They give Oxygen to us and take carbon dioxide which is harmful for us.
  • Forests play very important role in the economy of the country.
  • Forests change the habits of the peoples.
  • Forests protect the land erosion of earth.
  • Forests play important role in the recycling of water.

These are some importance of the forest that’s written very generally but behind every point there is lot of disruption is hidden.

According to UNEP estimate done in 2000 one third of the earth have forest, in which 95% are natural and 5% are planted.  After this lot of advantages we lost our very useful part of the forests and every year one percent of forest is converted into agricultural land. In 1990 70% forested area converted into agricultural land, after this every year lot of the forests are fired.

At the end I want to say that it is our responsibility to save the forests on the earth   




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