Forever Yours - Touchy Love Poem

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Lovely time we had together
and our lives are touched and our souls become unique forever
The stuffs that we exchanged
Is sweet memory we ever earned.

If at all I did grow here with you
It is not merely by chance, nope
It is just because of you I am a grown up person
Same is even true for you, too

I have changes in my life I can see
and through you I learned a lot about me
and same is the proof that how our life undergone positive shift
and things we found from each other

I will never buy a separation from you
we have joined our life such that
No matter how things go in future or
No matter what we have been asked to do

Our souls are connected at very much deep level
Not even devil is able to make us apart now
We may have different thinking or feeling after a year
But I assure you that you will remain forever mine

My partial soul is with always with you
and yours will always with me

I assure my love forever to you
Your name is engraved in my heart
And now no one can make us apart

I cant even think to forget you
And I assure you my honest and truly awes

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