Fortune! What is it and who writes it?

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Fortune, What is it and who write it?


Fortune is predestined fate that is always written by the creator(God) at the time of birth. It can never be changed without the will of the creator until and unless an arduous work or struggle is performed by the owner of the fortune. In other words, only the creator has the right and power to overwrite or change our fortune but it depends on how much struggle we do to get it done.

Fortune tellers:

Fortune telling is a customary practice of predicting events in someone's future life. Fortune tellers claim that they have divine power and knowledge to do this. The divine power, in fact, is related to the religion whilst the religion is always devised by  God, the creator. The prophets, scholars and the Sofi's in different religions are spiritually strong enough to predict some events because they are in direct link with God but even then they do not claim that they know each and everything going to happen in future. In addition, they do not foretell for money as the traditional foretellers do.   

Palmistry ( Palm reading ) is a popular money making method in USA, Canada and the Indian subcontinent. Astrology and tarot card reading advice is generally about specific problem troubling the clients.

Fortune tellers have been foretelling for centuries with so high confidence that people pay them heavily as they desire. Politicians, job seekers.gamblers and lovers are always after them. They claim that stars, stones, pearls, palm and foot lines and tarot cards can dictate fortune. Can a cookie tell someone's fortune? Certainly not but this practice have become a fashion in elite class hotels and dinner restaurants. I have watched a scene where a parrot picks up the fortune card and that is read by the owner. I do not believe in these fortune tellers because they have nothing to do with fortune and are simply money makers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Tarot Cards  (Sample)                                       


Public Attitude:

In western countries, it is an observation that women consult fortune tellers more often than men. The economically well-off women have maintained long-lasting relationships, like family doctors, with fortune tellers. Telephone consultation with fortune tellers at very high cost has grown in popularity since the 1990s period even though they have not shown any change in their orthodox way of practice.

It is a business: 

Fortune telling has been and is being adapted as a career. In five stars and four stars hotel, the fortune tellers are being offered a special position, they charge their client heavily despite their controversial legal status. Fortune telling is a class B crime in the state of New York. In the United States, a variety of local and state laws restrict this fortune-telling practice because  It requires a legal registration. The hotel management so insists them for using the terminology that can hide the word, "fortune tellers" and advise them to use the words like, "spiritual advisor" or "psychic consultants". Some of the United State laws do not allow this practice in certain districts.

The worst Fortune Teller /Lile Pons

Scholars Opinion:  

The view of POP FRANCIS on Fortune tellers(Video)




Professor Danny Jorgensen, a teacher of religious studies (University of South Florida) explains that people visit psychics or fortune tellers to gain self-understanding and knowledge that can lead to personal power or success in some aspects of their lives.Fortune

Ken Feingold explains the same issue in a different way.  He says that people seek out fortune tellers to know other people's  actions and to resolve their own conflicts in social groups and economies.  He further says divination seems to have emerged from our concept of the inevitability of death. We know that our time is too short and that we want things in our lives to happen according to our wishes. After the realization that our wishes are not strong enough, we have taken the help of mysterious belives and mythical ideologies for gaining power and knowledge over the future.  

So, the reason for consulting a fortune teller is to satisfy one's own desire but until a thorough rigorous study has been conducted the reason for consulting fortune tellers is wide open for opinion makers. 

 Magic is a trick to satisfy the people in trouble but is a satanic job. That is a fact that everyone believes but it is still in practice and will remain because of greed for getting more than a normal person can earn. Magicians claim that angels and fairies come and follow them to boost the fortune of their followers. So far,  I have not seen any magician in a well-off position. Likewise, I have not seen any fortune teller with money beyond limits. Mythical stories related to the magic fairies, angels and stars are all misguiders for the humans those are the frenzy, lazy, work shirker but greedy. The magicians make other people rich by their mysterious prophetic words and make them live in fool's paradise. How amazing is it?writes

The prophetic books narrate, the magic is always meant to entice bad, corrupt supernatural creatures to do evils. To me, it looks like a truth, if not, the whole world then would have been filled with sorcerers instead of reality.whatis



Fortune telling has no place in scientific community's school of thoughts, as the whole concept is based on magical thinking and superstition.

A great sceptic Burgen Even thinks that future telling is the clever interpretation of ambiguities and a brazen announcement of inevitables. He claims that fortune telling is nothing except a money gathering trick. So many frauds have been observed so far in this malicious practice of fortune telling that a strict law is necessary to abort this malpractice. 

In the end, a very interesting view of sceptic writer, James Michener, who was a fortune teller too is worth to be quoted here. He wrote in his book, "How he learned to tell fortune" which was not published due to some reason that he used this art for fundraising but soon he gave up because people especially women started taking it very seriously though he did not. This statement is enough to prove that fortune telling is not a career not a business but a scam.



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