Four Step Process - Building a Website

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Four Step Process

There are four easy steps for building your first website. These are steps that we personally recommend for people who have no prior knowledge or experience with maintaing a website. We are confident that this system will work for you and provide the four step process with a video tutorial to help you grasp a better understanding. The following is the four step process:

1. Domain - This is the name of your website. For example - is a domain. Many refer to the domain as the "URL".

2. Host - The host is what holds the files and database for your website. This is how your website is live and accessible. A domain is impossible to access without a host.

3. WordPress - This is a tool that downloads onto your domain from the host. This is how you access your website and upload content and pages. WordPress is the most common tool used to publish content, articles and blogs to websites.

4. PageLines DMS - This is a drag-and-drop web design program. It is incredibly simple and basic. 

Video Introduction for Building a Website

Important Reminders for Website Design

There are important topics to remember when creating or building your first website. Keywords, engaging images and relevant content are all crucial for maintaining a successful website. Choose a certain color scheme and use it consistently throughout your content and website. This will help brand your website and content, creating more engagement for your audience and helping them recognize your brand. This helps build your reputation and presence online.


PageLines DMS, WordPress and GoDaddy

PageLines DMS is revolutionizing the way websites are designed. Now complicated coding and complex computer knowledge are no longer necessary. The drag-and-drop feature in PageLines DMS is incredibly useful and simple. This tool works very well with WordPress and the two are a perfect combination for anyone who wishes to have a beautifully presented website with great content! is a great website for purchasing domains and domain hosting. They also offer a great tool for searching domain names - helping you find the best and most relevant domain name available. When choosing a domain, try to avoid long names and try to use ".com" or ".org" as ending of your URL. These two are proven to work best in the recent years. The future will always bring change, but as of now these two are highly recommended as a start.

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