Frailty Thy Name of Woman

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Frailty Thy Name of Woman

When a hen pecked, exhausted husband hears the above(frailty thy name of woman) statement, a picture comes to his mind of a stout, solid woman with a ready temper and a readier tongue which specializes in pouring forth a barrage of invectives, and he sigh with disillusionment and says, ‘ The sages have not known life in its true color’. When the gigged, conservative politician, longing for the return of the old order, hears the words ‘frail’ and fragile’ in connection with women, he is reminded of those suffragettes who valiantly faced torture, abuse, and mockery to achieve their rights and ceaselessly campaigned and canvassed till they gained their goal. He reflects gloomily that things have come to such a pass that a man cannot call even his vote his own. His spirit had been adjure vary time before but now the time has come when he must cost his will according to the sweet vote of his good half. Charm has become a necessary qualification for a candidate if he wants to win female voters and, through them, their husband, s votes. Woman is not at all frail, not at all frail, he explodes.

When the poets sing about the liquid brilliance of her eyes and the dazzling sweetness of her smile, they do not take into consideration the young and beautiful female. Who examining peaks and troughs, determine your save money, and arrange plants to capture you in her rope with its keen nature of a no mercy like the hunter. The poets sing in blissful ignorance.


The gentlemen who regard the fair six as weak and unprotected are the victims of a monstrous delusion. They are not included in the more extremely cruel and unpleasant cultures no man uses his strong fist to beat a female her Achilles heel is her power. When a girl’s air of the helpless deer arouses the protective instincts of man the egoist, he comes forward as a gallant champion to define her. This sound of strong feeling bravado is in original mark of extremely large stupidity. It would turn him into a bankrupt, if it were applied by him in the field of his business. In actual a female power is very surprising. No man can experience the abyss of birth of child which lot of women experience, not the patient self indulgent necessary for growing up kids and control the house.



Much has been written about a woman’s weakness for pretty things, for her love of admiration and praise. A woman’s heart thrills with the allure of soft mink, glittering diamonds and rubies and emeralds, expensive scents and satins. Wrapped in the soft folds of silk and chiffon, she is carried away to a world of her own a world of beauty and happiness of warmth and glow an idealistic world, temporarily free from the cars and chores of her mundane existence. it is not only an agonized Admire of attractiveness itself. Showing respect, applauding, such remarks expresses approval and a strong or uncontrollable want for creep are all take gradually in a great ocean of self besotted which is as maximum in a female as is egoism in a male.



As for frailty in the scenes of inconstancy with which hamlet accuses his mother, why a woman soul faithful to the dead to the point of rejecting the living, is incomprehensible. Life with its irresistible force beckons; it has to be lived and the dead could best be left alone or at the most locked away in the heart. Shakespeare’s disciples have discovered so many psychological reasons to justify Hamlet’s conduct; they cn surely advance one or two equally convincing reasons to justify the mother behavior. The barbaric institution of Suttee among the Hindus was outcome of women’s faithfulness to the dead. The abolition of this human custom was hailed as reform. As for constancy to the living, the frequent complaint is boot of inconstancy but of too much constancy. In this age of jealousy and the desire for monopolizing love, most of the wives cling so tenaciously to their husbands that they practically allow them no time to themselves.


Some people who are lived in this era but their soul is from Shakespeare period, such people criticize the female of modern period for not as a frail. They taunt and mock on such girl who is very bold , done lot of make-up, their style of walking, their interest in politics etc. but on other hand the modern girl is very responsible, can take care of herself, and also vary intelligent. She has completely rejected the sentimental myth of frailty which misrepresents women in such a gross manner