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As someone who has been writing about Film Annex for a few months now, I completely love their multiple initiatives both on the ground in Afghanistan and also in cyberspace. They are doing what most people just talk about. Some of us contribute funds but rarely do you come across an organization that is doing so much for the fragile economy and for women’s education in Afghanistan. Francesco Rulli, the founder of Film Annex, in this video talks about the changes he has seen in Afghanistan economy in the past few years and what he foresees will happen in the coming years.

Francesco here speaks about his understanding of the Afghan economy. As is expected in a developing economy of a country reeling from decades of war, Afghanistan has very little government resources or banking infrastructure in place that can help its businesses. Yet, he sees a very strong entrepreneurial streak in Afghanis especially women. They want to have their own ventures even if it is something as small as a grocery store. But, they want to do something independently. They also battle with problems like poor internet connections and lack of good systems that holds them back in setting their own website or going beyond actual shop sales. He feels that aid organizations are doing a great job by bringing internet cables to the cities of Afghanistan. Today internet means knowledge, and knowledge is power! Afghanis will find all new avenues opening out to them in terms of business opportunities, information, and knowledge slowly and steadily by these initiatives.

Film Annex by its efforts has extended these internet cables right into classrooms. They have brought in top-class PCs and have setup an environment for learning and accessing knowledge in Afghan classrooms. They have completed 4 such internet classrooms and have plans to build 40 overall. This they could do with the assistance and vision of businesswomen like Roya Mahboob who recognize the importance of global connectivity for economic enterprise. An Afghan with basic internet browsing skills and the knowledge of a foreign language can try to earn online and supplement his/her income by having internet connectivity and can widen his economic horizons.

Francesco makes a very valid point that economy benefits from grassroots educational initiatives. Digital advertising also helps in generating cash flows by creating awareness and then capitalizing on that awareness. He also believes that exciting things can be done for Afghan economy as it is fledgling. Fresh ideas can be tried out, and past mistakes can be avoided. He is very upbeat about working for Afghanistan's economy.

Do watch the video above for all that he says about Afghan economy.

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