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There are so many avenues to earn free Crypto Currencys Online. This social media platform is a great start. 

Faucets are one of my favorite ways to support the global Crypto economy and increase my personal abundance. The highest paying faucets are the moon faucets, which acrue balance constantly that can be withdrawn every 5 minutes, every 5 hours, every 5 weeks or anytime in between. 
MoonBit; The Bitcoin Faucet.
MoonLite; The Litecoin Faucet.
MoonDoge; The Dogecoin Faucet. 

Watching advertisements is another great way to generate Bitcoins. These are my preferred services. 
BitcoinClix, Bitvisitor, and BtcVic

This is a combination Faucet rotator and advertisement viewer featuring numerous bitcoin faucets and ads.
Land of Bitcoin.

I also enjoy trading commonly used currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin for less known ones like Zeitcoin to support the global crypto economy and potentially make a lot of money if the coins i support take off and raise in price. 

I do most of my trading on Cryptsy, which has the most options at the lowest fees. I also enjoy trading with BTer, which also hosts a 10% yearly interest investment plan for bitcoin. 

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