Free Time, Entertaining and sustainable education

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Free time is opportunity to be relaxing and use the amusing ways to improve knowledge and education. As, free time activities are encouraging, several of them are created that are informative and the best complement for the education and general knowledge of people. People, especially the youths choose their life role models from their free time activities. For example, football is a big entertainment between the people so, in most of the gatherings the people speak about their favorite football star or team, they copy the style and try to prove him the best of all. Therefore, the free time has a very important role in the people’s character creation process, and needs to consider it very important.

Why do we need for free time?

To obviate the exhaustion: the exhaustion obviation and relaxing are very important aspects of free time as the people need. Always studying for the students and working for the adults make them bored, and decreases their feedback and efficiency. The free time is to get refreshment and gain the power again for a new and active start.

Recreation necessity: People need to spend sometimes in recreation. It makes them to be more healthy and sound.  It refreshes their spirit.

The talent flourishing: hardworking and always studying tire the people’s minds; they need to relax to calm their minds and help their talents to improve.

Social improvement of a person: within the free time people can hang out with other people and sociably communicate with them. People in their free time attend in different entertaining activities, which improve their social relationships.

It is better that people use their free time as they wish, but sound and appropriate. Some people like to attend in sport exercises which is one of the best activities to spend time in, because it help us to be more healthy and alive, some like to play computer games or watch TV, it is important that these be a kind of entertaining and informative, some like to paint and play musical instruments, some like to go walking, some like to hang out with friends, some like to spend their free time in studying and so more.  All these activities help them to refresh their mind and spirit. But it is better to have in our free time program a mixture of all of these

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