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Hello everyone,
In the course of my working life, I realized about the little fundamental knowledge that many young and not so young people have about the world of economics and finance.
I will try, consistent with the time available, to be able to make available this knowledge to disengage in this complex world. Speaking to all people, of all ages, but mostly young people who must take a clearer mandatory training and more responsible use of money and its instruments. Unfortunately, in many countries there is a lot of “ignorance” in this subject. Many of us don’t raise the question of what is the importance and the management of saving and that nothing comes by chance. We realize that we spend money, but we do not know the real meaning and use of payment instruments in our possession. I think that if we’d do a survey on how many people know the difference between a debit and a credit card, we probably have some nasty surprises.
We test all of this in the young ones, though the fault is obviously not theirs, but us parents who do not bother to give proper training to do so. Some states are ahead in this matter and the formation economics/finance is made from primary school onwards. How many parents responsalize their children, for example by giving the so-called pocket money? How many speak with them explaining what is their work and how to make money?
A responsible dialogue between parents and children, which by the way is not only useful for the financial aspect, makes them grow more mature and aware of their ability. I do not believe that all of this is simple, we come home in the evening tired and with little desire to talk and give explanations, but we have to at least try to raise our children more aware. I will try with this informations to be clear and simple using terms that everyone can understand, both young and old people. Even all that has happened and continues to happen in the world, makes us realize how little knowledge, negligence, and we can also say dishonesty there are also at the top of the financial pyramid on a global scale. Surely more training and awareness will help us and especially future generations to understand how to not let this world to run into the same mistakes.
Young people are the new “pillars”, it is our duty to give them the training and knowledge to make them grow educated and prepared for what is the area that moves around the world.
Let's try it...


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”
Eleanor Roosvelt

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