Friendship is a precious Gold….!!!!

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We have many relations in our life and we love a lot, without them our life is meaningless. Who care us and we like to take care of them but the relation of friendship is very closer then all of those relation. It is a very sacred relation between two unknown persons. It is such beautiful relations in which like a deep well to whom we tell all secret and there is not any possibility of leak them out.

When any person of our family wants to get closer to us then he firstly try to become our friends even our parents try their best to become the friend of their child to let him know deeply. The relation of friendship is such a beautiful relation that we can say that it is one of the pillars of a peaceful society. Friendship is a great reality of life which cannot be ignore at any cost.

It is a saying that “human is a social animal” he is social because he has friends. A human which do not have friends we cannot cal him alive because an live person has feelings he needs a friend to shear all of them because without sharing them nobody can remain alive as these burden of problem can cause severe disease. So every person needs a friend to shear its feeling is alive and has sense and emotions. A person without friend is can be called senseless and feeling less person so everybody needs friends to save himself from depression because only a friend is needed to cure the disease of depression.

It is said that “dost pani ki tarhan hain…Pani Jitna Marzi Ganda Ho Agg Bhujany K Kam Ata ha” Someone ask to HAZRAT ALI A.S what is the difference between the brother and friends. HAZRAT ALI A.S said that brother is like gold. If it is hit it breaks and when it is heat then it bound again but friend is like a diamond it. IT never bound again ever. So every person increases their company. Let start becoming friends because only they are the person only whom we can enjoy life a lot. As there is a famous proverb “a friend is need is a friend indeed”….!!!!




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