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“A relation in which there’s no limitation” a friend is one to whom we can share our feelings our emotions and most of all, the things which we cannot share with our parents our family, our secrets. Only few friends are true, no doubt true friends are very rare and the luckier person, from my opinion is one who has true friends. And this is also said by a scholar.

HAZRAT ALI A.S SAID “A person who has one true friend he is very lucky” and if a person has two friends he is the luckier person of this universe. It is also true that we make friends for amusement. When we are in solitude we need someone with whom you can shed down your tears, your fears, your feelings, friends helps a man firstly to distance his heart and second to clear the understanding. If someone who has no friends his emotions, feeling, fears, tears, happiness, grief, secrets there all things will eat him up his depression will increase very soon. And he will become just depressed disappoint, unsatisfied person.

Friendship increases our joys, our happiness and it lessons our grief. We can feel very relax, when we share something with a friend. No matter that is any type of feeling. Friends are just like the souls of us, they make us smile, they make us brave and they always give us the courage to face the problems. In very critics time only a true friend advice work on. Only he can understand us, rather than our parents. This is not like our parents cannot understand us this is something like parents always treat us like our child, and they will advices us as they are our parents. But a true friend is one who knows us very perfectly and he advices us according to our behavior, desire because he is also the same age.

BACON says that,

“There is no medicine which one a take to get suppressed thoughts and worries out of one’s mind” So, it is very necessary to have friends, at last one but true friends, but Alas! They are rare! They are very rare! 


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