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I keep noticing a vast number of people around me experiencing financial difficulties. Some of them are able to deal with a temporary misfortune, the other half of these individuals find themselves under pressure. I am not one of those who was born with a gold spoon in his mouth. From time to time this life shows me its fangs; and in such minutes I keep thinking about all the possible solutions that may help to avoid ordeals.

Weather I have a lot of expenses or the lack of luck is the result of me having less cash, being frugal has been the only option I had to accept in order to avoid a total disaster.
Being frugal doesn't mean being cheap or living the life you don't want to. It simply understates that you are less wasteful, and real life stories prove that. You do NOT have to feel miserable if you know how to save.
In order to save you can, for example, focus more on free thinks. Quality time with your family and friends at home instead of rocking bars. Being savvy financially can actually save your life in the mean time. 
I am not the best teacher, but I would recommend you to make a list of goals you have to accomplish, and follow it no matter what. As of right now, I am pursuing my goals regarding my career. So, every free penny of mine goes towards it. For you it can be remodeling your home or buying a new car. Having goals makes it easier to stay focused, to invest. 
Increase your income as it will bring you extra income. If you are able to teach, work as a tutor during a weekend. Music or English language lessons could be a good addition for generating extra money. 
I would strongly recommend you to sell all the staff you don't normally use: old furniture, antic, and other "garbage" that clutters your indoors. 
It always feels better when you have an extra $100.00 in your pocket... ;)
Stay in tune....
Sincerely, I.K.

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