Fujinoya: Where I Found The Best White Mocha Latte Iced Coffee For Me!

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Working part-time and home-based sometimes becomes boring when we just sit at home. The old and familiar corners of our house which was before a glory to behold start to become a little dull. The answer to this dilemma is none other than to go out, try a new environment which was stated on my previous blog, read it here: How I Entertain Myself While Working at Home?.

In fact, this is the trend today and one of the main reasons as to why work sharing units and places are becoming a trend. Not to also mention the numerous cafes popping here and there because it is quite obvious that the Philippines with the fast pacing technology and growing business outsourcing job openings which most of these companies hire Filipinos capable of the jobs but of which don't necessarily require a specific company dedicated for work, freelancers as they can be referred to.


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Because of that, I am also exploring more and more options within my environment and the city that I am in to find new environment because this has its advantages, in fact, its like hitting two birds with one stone, perhaps more than two birds in my case. So today's blog is more of a review once again in the latest cafe which I had visited for work and coffee! Let's check Fujinoya for work and Fung's for dinner on a Wednesday or perhaps I will have to create a separate blog for Fung's.



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The original plan was to be at Tablea, a chocolate cafe located at the ground floor of the same building where my husband works. This option could have been easier for us as he can just visit me if he deems but because of bad internet connection, I was forced to search for an alternative.

Well, it wasn't me but James himself who introduced Fujinoya. I was not familiar with it, I thought it was a Japanese restaurant but later I learned it was a new coffee shop at the same spot where the Yello Cube was located. I remember it to have a great lighting and building structure when we had dinner in the opposite food hub.


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Location wise, it required five to ten minutes walk from where I was. It was two in the afternoon, it was hot outside but I didn't mind walking. The street was just right across the Tablea Chocolate Cafe. I passed by another cafe and was tempted to check it due to the fact that walking with a bag at the back was not an enjoyable task to do but I ditched the idea and focused towards Fujinoya.



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As mentioned earlier, the outside of this cafe was pretty. I was welcomed by a security guard who let me in after learning I was just there for coffee and the internet access. There I found out that this is more than just a coffee shop, it is actually a company business headquarters. The cafe is just a little portion of it but works perfectly for their clients whom they can serve coffee or other beverages as well as sweet pastries while discussing the business.


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The interior was modern, there were a couple of white tables and chairs, outlets at the sides and a comfortable wall mounted seat at the other corner. They got geometrically designed hanging lights at the ceiling which was interesting, very contemporary.

Being an office, the usual office set up is obvious from the side of the teller and where the barista is located. There was a little space but enough for a small cafe like this.


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What I love was their comfort room. It was nice compared to the well-known coffee shops which I had visited before. They got a tidy and well-lit room, the toilet has sensors and a hand dryer, the wall mirror was huge, I certainly loved it and the raw brick styled wall complimented with the colors.

Coffee and Service


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I am not a coffee master nor a coffee lover. I just need coffee in order to gain access to their free wifi connection. I bet the same thing goes to those other freelancers around.

But I ordered something which sounds good, Cafe Latte hot which was good for Php 125. The staff was accommodating enough except that there were some other staffs whom I think were trainees lounging around her. Paid and I sat at the side where there was the brick wall, I wished James was with me so he can take a photo of me with the backdrop.


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The internet connection was pretty good! I was able to work well without interruption. The coffee served was bitter but it was good, I didn't know I can drink it all without adding sugar!

After an hour and the cup run out of coffee, I had to get another one, this time it was an iced one which I definitely love. I was at the cashier and was looking at their limited menu and since I am not very good at selecting coffee and I guess the staff figured it out on the way I look at the menu, she offered White Mocha Latte with a smile which she said is their best seller. I agreed and paid Php 165, that was the best iced coffee I had ever tasted!


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As I was working on that white table at the corner, I noticed that the staffs were increasing at the barista area, in a few minutes, some guy went up to them and started talking about coffee, the right proportion of coffee and water and stuff like that, they even tasted testing them! I was super intrigued at it but as I could see it, I believe they were training new baristas but they were so many so I guess they have other branches within the city! And as I am writing this blog, I realized that guy who was talking about coffee was, in fact, Carlos Tidow Gothong, owner of @fujinoyaph.


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I have to also mention that they serve their coffee in reusable mugs and cups as well as steel straws! I love the Fujinoya writing on my White Mocha Latte glass!

Now if you are interested in coming over, you might also want to check out the food hub just across it which opens around five in the afternoon! There's a chill acoustic band there playing on a daily basis. But do also note that the cafe itself also offers some meals and sweets just so you know.

Let's learn more about coffee in this video:

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