Fun Facts about Festival de Cannes

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A little over halfway done with Festival de Cannes now! How about some pretty impressive fun facts and numbers to give you an idea of how big this production is?

2km: The total length of red carpet unraveled over the duration of the festival; carpets are changed three times a day.

6: New languages were added to the Cannes website last year to stress the festival’s international character.

15%: The percentage of their annual turnover that Cannes hotels earn in just 12 days during the festival.

€35: The average cost of a main course dish in a Cannes hotel during the festival.

3,767: Number of journalists who attended the festival last year, making Cannes the 2nd largest media event after the Olympics.

1,188: The approximate number of short films in the 2011 Short Film Corner catalogue, which screens shorts from all over the world.

200,000: The total number of actors, directors, producers, agents and fans who flock to the French city for the event each year for the festival.

€20 million: The approximate budget of the whole festival, half of which comes from public funding, while the other half is from group contributions and the Official Partners.

More numbers can be found here:

And though these numbers do speak volumes of the sheer grandeur and power the festival can yield for a film, it still fails to convey all the glamour and glitz that surely comes with the Cannes Film Festival, what with the celebrities and their fashion that is sure to follow, which have been just as rampant in 2011 as in years past.

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