function and detial of main parts of Human heart

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Heart is the special part of the body and no body can survive it. It is not only present in human beings but it also present in animals. The function of heart is that, it transport the blood to the whole body. It means that heart is one of the suppliers of the blood to the body.

Mainly human heart consist of both arteries and and veins. It contains four chambers in which to chambers are Autry and two ventricle. In our daily life, we use so many fats in diet. These fats are deposit on the walls of the arteries and veins and that stage will come in which blockage of the arteries and veins or one of its part takes place.

Due to this blockage the blood do not circulate in the veins and as a result the heart pain is started. This situation is known has heart attack. The possibility of heart attack is increased in those persons in which their age is 40 to 60 years as compared to younger. There are three stages of heart attack in first two attacks the person will be curable by the treatment the third attack cause death.

The symptoms of the heart attack are that, pain in the right side of the heart, very fast heartbeat, headache, vomiting. There are so many factors that affect the heart attack that is high blood pressure, low blood pressure, smoking, Calastrole, intake the high amount of fats, high sugar levels. 

The treatment of the heart attack on medicine and also for the surgery in which doctors open the blockage of the veins. But all the veins of the heart is block then the doctors transplant the heart is through surgery. This method of treatment is very painful for the patients but they will recover very soon.

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