Function and types of RAM (Random Access Memory)

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RAM is stands for random access memory. It is temporary and read and write memory . Random access memory are used in the computer for display the data. The content of ram are lost when the power is off foster generally ram is measured in megabytes.

Ram size provides large size of data and increase the processing speed. RAM play a very important role in computer because without ram we can't see anything on the screen. There are a few types of ram . ROM is stand for read only memory.

It is permanent memory and the contents of ROM are not lost when the power is off. This is used to store the basic function of computer system. For example build an operation system and basic input, output operation of computer when it is first turn on program stored in ROM are called firm ware.

The second type of ram are programmable read only memory . PROM is stand for programmable read only memory. It is a type of ROM. It can be programmed to record using device known as PROM programmer.The stored information can be changed single time after manufactures stored information.

The third type of ROM is Erasable programmable read only memory. EPROM is stands for erasable programmable read only memory. It can be reprogrammed to record using a device known as EPROM programmer. Restore information many time can be changed after manufactures stored information.

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