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In the oral examination:

Teacher (T): there are 500 bricks on the plane, drop 1 brick, how many brick left ?

Student (S): Too easy! 499 bricks, sir

. ...

T: With 3 steps, how can you stuff an elephant into a fridge?

S: Step 1: open the fridge; Step 2: stuff the Elephant; Step 3: close the fridge.


T: Then with 4 steps, how to insert a giraffe into the fridge?

S: Step1: Open the fridge; Step2: pull the elephant out

   Step3: B4 stuff the giraffe in; Step4: close the fridge .


T: Good! The meeting with The Lion King is fully all type of animals, why do still lack one?

S: Lack of the giraffe is locked in the fridge.


T: So why in one river full of crocodiles but the old woman free swim and not to be eaten?

S: Because all crocodiles have to join the meetings already.


T: An old lady cross the bridge, she suddenly died. Why did she die?

S: Maybe She had a stroke,... .


T: Wrong! She was died because a brick from the plane dropped to hit her head

    You are failed! The next..

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