Funny? Maybe! But definitely NOT Nice

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Thousands of videos wherein ladies are having a hard time parking can be found on the internet. Some might be uploaded to generate a laugh or meant as a joke. Some people may find humor on such videos, but when one is to think about it, such clips are definitely not nice. The reason is actually not that hard to understand -- if someone laughs at the mistakes or misfortune of others, then obviously, that is not nice.

If things were not bad enough, one will see appalling appalling comments like total fail, what a stupid driver, go back to driving school, etc… And since these videos are posted on the internet, the shame will likely last for a very long time since it is being shared numerous times (this is the reason why I wouldn't be posting any image or video of female drivers making a mistake on this post)

Anyway, those nasty videos carelessly sends out a wrong image and stereotype lady drivers in a negative way. Of course, not all female drivers are bad at driving and parking. In fact, I know some ladies who can parallel park better than their pasta. I'm not saying their pasta is bad -- it's just that their pasta is good, but they drive better.



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