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That purring feline on your side has more to it than meets the eye. Many of us own these furry little cuddlers and forget that they are in fact felines that were originally raised in the wild.

 Domesticated cats are very similar to tigers, cheetahs and lions in terms of their body structure; however, they are not as wild about hunting since we human beings provide these furry friends food.

What many of us may or may not know that I found on the National Geographic website is that this species, felis catus, of domesticated cats has an incredibly long history with human beings stemming to the time of Ancient Egyptians some 4,000 years ago.

 What I found pretty interesting is the way that nature brought the felines to humans.  Most believe rodents brought these friendly felines to human communities, as wild cats adore a good hunt. This is also the predominant reason why humans may have accepted and domesticated cats since they were good at killing rodents.


What’s awesome about these feline favorites is that they have built in night vision. They prefer hunting at night when their prey is blind while their light-reflecting eyes allow them to see a whole lot better. Another fun fact is that their tails provide their outstanding balance.

 Even though many of us feed our cats meat that is cooked, felines do have a gut fit for the consumption of raw meat, and their rough tongue has a dual feature in cleaning a bone dry and cleaning their own furry coats.

These days though we see domestic cats all over the Internet on YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, practically all social media websites for a humorous purpose. Everyone loves a funny cat video or cat picture and we can’t help but laugh at some that proves to the world that cats are just awesome.

 Our extended relationship with cats has truly evolved into something more of a friendship, and some of us see our furry little felines as family. Even though the battle between dog lovers and cat lovers rages on, as of right now, the furry felines definitely take the lead.


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