Future of Human is Safe with Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence- The future of human
It was great pleasure reading the announcement by the site’s suggestion for writing about Artificial Intelligence. It made me more than eager to post my views on this particular theme. I am an engineer by education and working in marketing department of a multinational company therefore both my interests need more than basic knowledge of artificial intelligence in my career. Therefore, I decided to write my views about this great topic.

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I will give you the facts
I will not go in the history of AI since it’s already available on the internet. Therefore, let me begin with saying that today, Artificial Intelligence is present in almost every technology available including your gadgets, your safety and your way of living a comfortable life. The fact is, AI has entered in every field of human life but there is more to it which common man is not aware about.

Artificial Intelligence Means Comfort.
Would you believe that you will allow your fridge to order grocery for you in near future or at least inform you what was about to finish in your stock in case you were not interested to allow your refrigerator to order for you.
Look what Google has to say


Google says
You are well aware about your personal assistant in your communication devices according to your OS e.g. Android, Google or Apple’s iOS. I am sure some of you must be using AI enabled lighting system for managing how much or when you need light your bedroom, garden, lobby, children’s’ room, living room and bedroom etc according to your needs and moods.

Driverless cars is a the trailer- There is lot to come

You must be very much aware about driverless cars which have already started making their presence felt and about to hit the market in advanced countries. And I do not have to tell you about the AI supported remote system for your car, garage and main gates doors etc which open at the flick of your fingers or at your voice command.

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Artificial Intelligence Means Business
However, these are some of the basic achievements in the field of artificial intelligence but when we look at the bigger scenario of use of AI in industrial use the achievements are quite amazing. We have already started using a number f functions in our routine and adding more of them at a brisk rate.

Let's begin the story from the beginning. First off, what is artificial intelligence? If I present it in simple words it's basically a mixture of human intelligence and computing power of machines, namely the computer systems.

How AI works?
The processes looks simple but it is basically a continues process of reasoning, learning, more learning and feeding everything into the machine and then go for more reasoning and you know every process needs correction at various stages so keep it upgrading all the time. But there is no doubt about the fact that computer scientists have done a wonderful job of speech recognition and machine vision in AI.

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AI is here to stay 
I must admit that when I was a student of engineering there was no AI but it has come up like anything in last decade although the work was in progress for more than 60 years or right from the late 50s of last century when the scientists had the reasons to believe that computer can think faster than human.
But can artificial intelligence solve all the problems?

The answer is yes but let’s makes it clear that AI is classified in various categories. Let’s first divide AI in two basic categories; the weak and the strong or let’s put it this way AI Strong and AI weak. To make things simpler let me explain about weak AI is programmed in a way that works as much as it’s been programmed to do but on the other hand the strong AI can handle even the complicated tasks or can handle even what’s not programmed to handle with a situation or manage unfamiliar tasks. The second category helps bigger tasks in industrial engineering.

AI will make your life easy
With the help of artificial intelligence we have reached to a stage where we can do pretty much anything if not everything which covers automation in every field of life to robotic that helps complete jobs that a human voice, eye or brain can do or let me admit machine does it faster than human mind, eye or voice can do with lot more efficiency. AI has enabled use of huge data transfer at a brisk pace at lower cost, lesser time and to millions of users instantly.

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AI is spreading its wings
Artificial Intelligence covers almost every field including agriculture, education, computers, aviation, finance, health, banking, marketing, astronomy, space science, industry, jobs, human resources, healthcare, ecommerce, media and music but the list doesn’t end here.

The role of IA is well known in the field of electronic toys, lighting, automobile, media and domestic appliances, etc. Artificial intelligence has a role to play in almost every field of life which has made the life easier of human being with accurate information and suggestions for the welfare of human being.
Industrial Use of Artificial Intelligence

I would like to emphasize the industrial use of IA which is great help in the following-


Innovative designs with the help of AI
We have reached to a point where we have started thinking in terms of whether artificial intelligence is superior rather than what we thought that brain of human was the force behind machine intelligence. However, AI innovation has brought us to the point where technology has taken the reigns in its own hands that need no human supervision. AI is so involved in today’s Industrial progress that helps in almost every field of production including language processing, automation, designing, analysis, marketing, R&D, accounting, human resources or you name it.

AI will help economical products
Artificial Intelligence has tons of benefits for industrial sector or you can say it has changed the way the business used to be until recently. AI has transformed the world for industrial sector with infusing efficiency, time saving, mass communication, better designing, smarter computing and labor management. And there is no need to say that all these put together help a better yet cheaper production which makes an industry more competitive.

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AI and marketing analysis
Marketing analysis is all about knowing your customer and his behavior. Your marketing strategies depend absolutely how well you know your customer and his capacity, purchasing power and willingness to buy your products. AI has made it easier to know your customer by his activities and. Have you ever wondered why you see the related adverts that you searched online a few minutes before. That’s artificial intelligence for you. IA has provided the necessary tools at your fingers that help you track activities of your customer. After all you know his requirement even before he has finalized a deal.

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AI and better connectivity with users
You don’t have to type but just speak and find everything. Yes, that’s true; companies like Apple, Amazon and Google have already connected you with smart home speakers better known as digital voice assistants. You can give these assistants a voice command and they will obey you instantly. The companies keep in touch with automated email/messaging service on auto that helps consumer makeup his mind.
AI and ease of team work

AI will boost up your speed

We are living in a different world where speed is the prime factor. Gone are the days when businesses used to fix meetings and people would travel to the fixed place. Now everyone can attend the meeting sitting in their own offices and talking crucial business points.

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International Conferences- No more wasting time
A business manager can call all his men at a comfortable point of time without really being at the point of meeting or demographic difference. In fact, AI has made it possible a conference room like atmosphere for all the concerned persons sitting in their own office in a distant country.

I will give you more interesting facts about AI in my next post
We have a number of other applications that AI has made it possible to handle the situation with lesser efforts and ease of doing which I will define in my next related article.

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