Future outlook of PAKISTAN (part 1)

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Any person not knows the future of anything so who live in Pakistan and live another country not know the future of Pakistan. Anyone not what happened in future. First of all we were talking about on economy of Pakistan.


                       Economy is the base and very impotent thing for a country. If a country is power full or strong basically the economy of this country is good.

Pakistan is a power full country but we also come on 27th position in the list of economy of whole world. Our economy is not strong but also not very low. In these days many Industry’s and Factory’s are work in our country and in future many new will built for improve our economy and jobs. Today in Pakistan most people not jobs holder, they go to the out of country or other country for getting job and doing work.

Our country is very famous in AGRICULTURE but in start a former get much water for his crop but today he not get the proper water for his crop because we not arrange a proper plan for care all water. In future The GOVERNMENT of PAKISTAN solving this problem and doing work on water projects.  

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