Gareth Bale to Real Madrid; Suarez desperate for Champions League Football

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Transfer Rumors part 2

One of the 2 most popular soccer league transfer rumors heard all around the world consists of 2 of the most efficient scorers in the leagues: Uruguayan Luis Suarez of Liverpool, who has scored 30 goals in 44 appearances (and he has multiple fixtures in the beginning of the season, and towards the end of the season; beginning of the season he was suspended for several games for racially abusing Manchester United’s Patrice Evra). The consistency is there; he has been the first player for Liverpool to score 30 goals in one season since Fernando Torres, who was bought by Chelsea. Suarez is known for assertiveness on the field; however there are the pros and cons of his character on field…he is known to occasionally play dirty (in one situation, he even concluded his “aggressive” personality accusations when he bit player Ivanovic of Chelsea). Nevertheless, he is still considered to be one of the best strikers in the world to date. The second colossal rumor is Tottenham Hotspurs Gareth Bale (who is from Wales) anticipated move to Real Madrid. There are a couple more rumors that include large players, however lately these have been more likely to occur than the rest, so they will be addressed first.

Suarez, who has been signed from Ajax by Liverpool for a fee of 22.8 million euros is now very close to a move to English Club Arsenal for a fee of almost double the amount he was purchased for. Although there has been a lot of eagerness from Arsenal fans for a World Class striker to join Arsenal and make them title contenders, Luis Suarez has made one thing clear: he wants to play Champions League football, something he believes Liverpool cannot provide him (as over the last couple seasons, Liverpool haven’t made any progress up the Barclays premier league standings, finishing at dull 5th, 6th or 7th spots on the table). He also has doubts on Arsenals development in the premier league and champions league… which is why there is a chance he will turn his back on the team. He would almost unquestionably prefer a move to the Spanish Giants Real Madrid, but now since they are fingertips away from signing Gareth Bale (who is begging to leave the Spurs) for an amount that exceeds 80 million euros, it is a lot more probable that the striker will make a move to Arsenal. He doesn’t want to move to a team slightly more sophisticated and superior to Liverpool, only to get kicked out in the group stage of the Champions League…but he will most likely take his chances and ask for a transfer request, as Arsenal are ahead of the game when put up against Liverpool.

Arsene Wenger has lately been pursuing a quartet move to his team, says multiple sources. The group consists of Luis Suarez , Bernard, Julio Cesar and Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini. The first three were said to take a combined offer of 72.5-74 million euros. Fellaini alone would most likely cost the club 24 million euros. However, if the four players end up moving to the club, it is certain the depth of midfield and attack abilities of Arsenal would increase massively.

Fellaini, Centerback for Everton

Gareth Bales transfer case is somewhat similar to that one of Luis Suarez; although he is still quite young and has a lot of room for experience, he has already scored 30 goals in all competitions in the 2012-2013 year…and is already desperate for Champions League football, a cup that is one of the most prestigious (only one topping it being the World Cup title). Real Madrid reportedly offered   a world record 100 million euros for the player… Is he worth that much? Time will tell, and with more experience, he is expected to be the worlds best player in the future…well, at least that is Madrid's estimated standards of him. Lately he has put pressure on the club, especially on Daniel Levy…who is known to be full of Mulishness, and lately that is all he has been portraying when it came to this move. Gareth Bale has spoke with Levy already, requesting the move to be made, for he does not want to play for the coach and manager anymore. Bale was shocked when Levy created a jam in the once in a life opportunity…

Gareth Bale, currently playing for the Spurs

Chelsea have also trying to join in the fun: Coach Mourinho has reportedly been trying to purchase Wayne Rooney from Manchester United, and are closing on a deal to sign Moutinho for 22 million euro. Spurs are also closing in on a 30 million euro deal to sign Soldado.

Stay tuned for more soccer transfer related news!

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