Garment Production System in Afghanistan

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Today’s Afghan youths comparing to the youths of a decade ago are absolutely different. Today they have got  access to internet, social media, and Television channels. On that time, they had no access to social media, TV channels, and internet. More than decade ago Afghan people were saying that “I am stylish” it was persued a sin and they have been punished for. Today, if one talks about bringing positive changes to Afghanistan not only they will be encouraged, but the government would pave the ground for them, too.

Today, both Afghan men and women wear such clothing styles that other people of world do it, but with a small different. Afghans are now stylish, but according to Islamic rule because they are Muslims.

Elaha Mahboob is an Afghan young woman who is going to build a garment company in Herat, Afghanistan. She is going to change the current old clothing fashion. The fashion that Afghan youths are tired of. She is going to mix Afghan traditional clothing with western clothing styles. There for, something new will come out of that according to the willing of Afghan youths.

According to the article of Elaha Mahboob about " Afghan Fashion Empower Women in Afghanistan ", she has written that the name of this garment company would be Afghan Fashion House, located in Herat, Afghanistan. There was written on her article that she is going to save Afghan traditional clothing through mixing it with western clothing styles. Today, Afghan youths are eager to western clothing styles. Some of them have actually forgotten Afghan traditional garment. Thus, she has decided to establish such a company.

As Afghanistan is developing in all fields, Afghan women are also taking actions to help support their county and themselves. “Afghan Fashion House”  is a sample of that development which is empowering women.   

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