Gear Review: We Are Handsome Legging

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Type: Surf Leggings

Brand: We Are Handsome

We Are Handsome is a luxury beachwear line that focuses on unique prints: the prints mostly come from traveling experiences of the husband and wife designers.  Launched in 2009, the brand’s bold and colorful style has achieved lots of  high-end fashion press and a distinct niche in beach culture. The concept and design are simple and the collection themes offer a stylish variety: there are basic bikini, leggings, one-piece swimsuits, dresses and shirts for each collection. We Are Handsome is 100% designed and made in Australia.

Look: The brand uses gorgeous, vivid photography for their design prints and patterns. Each photo pattern is eye-catching and stylish. The legging feels silky and does not stretch out and Surf Mei Mei found this extremely comfortable during Stand Up Paddle boarding, surfing and Bikram Yoga.

Price: $287

Materials: Polyester/Lycra


  • comfortable
  • striking prints
  • great for water sports
  • great for yoga and pilates
  • Does not stretch out after multiple uses
  • find the right print for your body shape


  • it is pricy
  • the finishing on the top of the legging can be more flattering



Surf Mei Mei loves it because it feels light: after soaking in water or sweat.  The material feels airy against the skin and great for hot climate.  They're extremely durable even after many uses. It is great for water sports, yoga and outdoor UV protection, all while sporting a stylish outfit. It is pricy for leggings, but the material is great and well worth it. If you want unique and stylish legging with a bold statement and premium quality, We Are Handsome will be your first choice.

Summary: Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_small

Style – Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallphotography prints with unforgettable look

Size – Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallXxtra small, extra small, small, medium and large 

Materials — Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallPolyester/Lycra

Durability — Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallGreat

Season — Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallgreat for hot to mild climate

Sun Protection — Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallYes


Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallLOVE IT

Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallGood Product

Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallWorth the money!


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