Gemango Celebrating Its First Decade!

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Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Cloudinary

Anniversaries, as I have always mentioned before, are worth celebrating thus I always include these events in my blogs. Which is why, today’s blog is all about the 10th year anniversary of my current employer company, Gemango Software Services.

I, together with my colleagues didn’t know that our company is already a decade old since it started its business in the Philippines. So when the boss messaged us that we all need to be at the office on Tuesday, March 12, all of us were intrigued and a lot of speculations here and there as to what is going to happen on that day.

But all of those speculations and what ifs were answered when we arrived at the office on Tuesday, that was yesterday as of this writing.


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Cloudinary

Gemango, a Decade After

I started working for Gemango Software Services since 2015, I will be celebrating my fourth year by April but for the owner, Gert Monnissen, this is just half of the time that he had been operating in the country.

While I was still a newbie of the company, I was told by the owner himself that he choose Cebu when he found the beaches and that the location doesn’t have a heavy traffic a decade ago compared to that in the Metro Manila. From then on, he had hired a lot of employees who had come and go while some others stayed. His senior employee is already six years in the company and some new ones around too plus more to come in the future.


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Cloudinary

Currently, the company offers software as well as CRA services. All of the clients are from Belgium as the Gert himself is a Belgian too.

Gemango 10th Year Celebration


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Cloudinary

All of the employees were unaware despite the fact that the company’s licenses and details were all hanged on the wall, actually, it is just behind my workstation so I made very little effort in looking into it. My colleague, Francis, however, did his homework and when he arrived, he knew he can look up the information so we figured it out after looking into the papers.

However, there’s no specific date mentioned on the documents so we were just generalized that its March, regardless of the date, it still counts as 10 years.


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Cloudinary

What surprised us were the balloon towers and the Helium-filled floating ones of colors black and gold at one corner of the office. Our executive officer even bought a few other accessories such as masks, party hats, and some background strips to give the room a livelier look.


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Cloudinary

As the day went on, we found a few more surprises, the second was the arrival of some Cocina Calza catering service crews who brought their tables and decorations inside the office. There were yellow table mats and cloths covering the tables, and the crews started to get the food containers arranged at the table tops. Now, we got a bigger picture that we are in for a treat! Catering food will soon arrive for dinner so every one of us was just excited because of course there’s free food, free dinner which also means we won’t be spending money that night.

Dinner Celebration


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Cloudinary

As the afternoon progressed, we all had done our fair share of works, I was actually busy with our tickets with bugs and issues reported by our customers from across the world while our nurses who are CRAs were also in their work mode faces, we were then called to take part in the photo opportunity with the entire team.

But before we could do the group photo, our boss distributed company shirts for everyone, this with an embroidered print on the left chest side of the blue polo shirt.


Video credits: James Figues via YouTube

The group photo session ended with a word of prayer and a short but heartfelt speech from the boss himself. Then dinner of course afterward. Here is the food prepared and served by the Cocina Calza catering services company who made our evening extra special.

Baked Macaroni


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Cloudinary

This was literally cheesy and everyone's favorite. I also loved it and even went for two plates! It’s great to have catering services as they’d be taking the plates after each finished one and will do the washing themselves afterward.

Buttered Vegetables and Garlic

I liked that the menu had vegetables and meat together. This one was really good as well although the potatoes were still a little hard but just manageable though. I also love the fresh looking broccolis, carrots and even the corn!

Beef with Broccoli 

I didn't try this but as per my colleagues, this was also good. I guess the empty container says it all after dinner. Consistently, the broccoli as well still looks green and fresh, definitely looking the dish good!

Chicken Pandan

I tried this and although I like the taste, the chicken’s texture was not that crispy anymore due to the fact that they had to travel the food from their main kitchen towards our office which took more than an hour drive including traffic.

However, I appreciate the effort of pinching pandan leaves into each chicken part.

Pork Embutido

Everyone got excited about seeing the embutido served. I guess, Filipinos love this but not for me. Although I brought a few pieces home for my husband. It was deliciously arranged through before dinner so that looked appealing too!



Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Cloudinary

Of course, this event won't go away without a lechon. That day we had a younger one which is referred to as “Lechon De Leche” which means that the pig used is still young and is still milking. They said this is tastier because there are less fat and just meat. I can’t really decide if what they say is true because I don’t eat lechon anymore.

But, surprise! The Lechon was the first one to disappear from the table at the end of the night!

Sweets and Desserts

Celebrations, of course, deserve sweets too because events like this are sweet to the heart of the people around the company. So we had some sweet salads, condensed gelatin and a sumptuous cake in black and gold with Gemango’s logo and name and a 10 years anniversary fondant on top!

Our work night continued with some more visitors and guests coming in as well and someone rendered some good songs to entertain the team. We all had a good time while we shared waves of laughter and reminisce the previous years with some good old photographs flashing on our huge monitor screen in front.



Video credits: James Figues via YouTube

The night ended as our shift ended as well, the visitors were out and we were left with the remaining food, everyone was happy to bring away some home. Indeed, this day was a good day to remember and we wish Gemango more years, businesses and success to come!


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Cloudinary

To God be the Glory!


Thank you for reading!


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