Get into contemporary dance!

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Get into contemporary dance!


Today I am going to tell you more about contemporary dance, its popularity, and its origin. 

One of the most dominating performance genres can be observed in theaters and movies in the United States and Europe. Many dance elements were incorporated into Contemporary dance from other dance styles including classical, modern and jazz.


Some people mistakenly call contemporary dance ballet or modern dance. 

However,  utilization of both the strong and controlled legwork of ballet and modern dance's stress on the torso as well as floor work and improvisation differ contemporary dance from just ballet or just modern dance. 


Contemporary dance is filled with unpredictabilities. Rhythm, speed, and direction can drastically change during the act. 



Now the question is "who makes creative decisions in the piece." 

The key person is always a choreographer whose ideas can make the piece an abstract or narrative. Skills and experience of dancers also matter a lot as they have to be related to music and sounds that have to be danced. 



One of the most amazing contemporary dancers is Shoko Tamai. All choreography performed by Tamai is a product of her creativity and originality.



- Stay lighted up with contemporary dance...



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