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Domain Cost Club
GDI Invites You to Domain Cost Club

Hi Mates,

The secret to MLM is choosing wisely and getting in early. You have a unique opportunity, today, to get in on the ground floor during the first month of a proven winner! Domain Cost Club, powered by GDI, opened to the public on September 30th. Join the Club and prosper!

    Earn a minimum of $25 per referral
    Earn up to $200 for a single referral
    Absolutely no limits to how much you can earn
    Viral network marketing growth
    4×7 forced matrix with spillover
    Special at-cost pricing on all of our domains
    Get your first check in as little as two weeks!

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$400K Launch Bonus

Domain Cost Club is investing heavily during launch, running a $400,000 Launch Bonus Challenge. Read about it at our blog: .
At-Cost Domains

Domain Cost Club offers at-cost pricing on hundreds of Top Level Domains. No markup, ever! Network your way to a higher Net Worth, while staying on the edge of the Internet frontier.

Are you an expert in something? .guru is waiting for you.
Do you like money? I'm guessing you do. Then .cash could be in your wallet.
Do you have an appetite for cooking? .recipes is a tasty place to share your cravings.

Head to our .website to see all 180 domain extensions we are selling .today . What makes you unique? Show your passion off to the world! As a Club Member, you get access to everything at-cost. Guaranteed!
A History of Reliability

Domain Cost Club is powered by Global Domains International, Inc. GDI was founded in 1999 and launched the .WS ccTLD registry in 2000. GDI has operated a successful Internet-based network marketing program since 2001, making monthly payments to its members for 13 years.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Alan Ezeir
President and Co-Founder
Domain Cost Club (DCC)