Ghoharshad Bighom: The Herat’s tenth school joined to the infinite virtual world

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In the changing world, the education role is getting highlighted more and more every day. Stable Development needs knowledge and educated community; both of them are not possible without standard and high-quality education. So, education and high quality of it are important points in development process of the communities. Well educated and skilled people in the society, staff in a government, workers in a company and teachers in a school or university increases the success grade of that institution and keeps it in a premier situation. Therefore the education level needs more attention and investments to make the society self-sufficient in the training and proficiency phase.   The knowledge development is rapidly and deeply changing, it causes the whole education system to be changed and updated, according to that. So, it needs to bring new ways to teaching and education system and take some old ones off.

ACSC (Afghan Citadel Software Company) with the cooperation of Filmannex and Women’s Annex corporations are fulfilling the important role of updating the education system of the schools in Afghanistan according to the new technology. They are making IT classes to the schools, especially girls' school . They equipped ten schools up to now with IT classes to teach computer fundamentals, social media and blog writing. The equipped schools are as following: Hoze-e-Karbas High School, Htifi High School, Majuba Hiravi High School, Mir-Man Hayati High School, Bagh Nazargha High School, Ali Shir Nawaie High School, Maliki Jalali High School, Fateh High School, Char Zrahdar High School and the recent school is GhoharShaad High School.

Ghoharshad high school was equipped by ACSC (Afghan Citadel Software Company) with computers and internet. The company will hire an IT and computer teacher to teach the girls some basic programs of computer, internet, social media and blog writing. ACSC made an IT class with twelve computers which is equipped with a projector and air conditioning system. There held an opening ceremony for the class in the school on 8th September 2013. A lot of high rank guests including the governor of Herat Province, chairman of provincial council and so more attended in the opening ceremony. The governor was very happy about the new technology trainings which are brought to the school and more students can take advantage of it. All the students were hopeful to be internet users and blog writers and thankful to the Afghan Citadel Company and Filmannex that made the opportunity prepared for them to get the knowledge of computer, internet and social media.  Ghoharshad is one of the biggest girl schools in Herat city with nine thousand girl students and 254 teachers.

New technology changed the education system in the schools. As more investment is needed to equip all the schools with new technology, the ACSC is investing on the schools and make them new computer class with afforded necessary trainings. It will change the more lives and help the girls to earn money online, help their families .and be independent it is the great way of women and girls empowerment via knowledge and technology with the sustainable impression. 

It is the only way

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