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I am working in filmannex from previous 6 months. I have learnt many things and gain a very good knowledge from filmannex by reading blogs and watching short informational videos about literacy, social media, digital literacy, female education, women empowerment in developing countries, etc.

I have read all the blogs of many good bloggers like Roya Mahboob, Francesco Rulli, Mike Sweeney, Syed Ahmad, and Giacomo Cresti, because they always tried to write on digital literacy, women education and their empowerment.

The blogger by which I am most influenced is Giacomo Cresti because he always writes about digital literacy, female education, women empowerment in developing countries, and the role of social media in developing countries. I like his thinking and writing style. He writes a blog in such a way that he attracts the reader towards himself and easily conveys his message to his reader.

First of all I want to introduce Giacomo Cresti to all the members of filmannex about his work for filmannex and digital literacy. Giacomo cresti is “annex press senior editor”. He is an educator and writes on different topics like women empowerment and education in Afghanistan and around the whole world. He is also a traveler but he mostly travels in underdeveloped countries where women are considered low class citizens.

Giacomo cresti also works in a school and I think this work makes him clearly understand that how to empower and motivate the young generation about their responsibilities and their rights in this present day competitive world. Now he is showing his work by social media to work for women empowerment across the world.

He is also a martial artist (judo martial arts) and also working as a moderator in filmannex. He is a helping personality because he helps every one about writing blogs. He give tips for writing blogs to everyone individually.

I am a big fan of Giacomo Cresti. May God give him success in all fields of life. My wish is to take an interview of Giacomo Cresti about his achievements and his life.

If you want to know more about Giacomo cresti, watch his interview to filmannex


If you want to read his blogs click on the link given below.

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i am shakir.i have done BS (HONORS) in chemistry from pakistan.i know english,pashto and urdu.I love to write blogs.

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