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There are the gifts that you do not have money to buy. There are the gifts that you always want to receive. There are the gifts that other people waiting for you to give to them:

1. Gift from the listening

When you really listen, you notice, not interrupted, not dreaming, only to listen to a sense of understanding. It was the first precious gift you can offer to others especially their loved ones.

2. Gift from the affection

Show your affection for your loved ones with kind words and loving gestures, you will see amazing things.

3. Gift from the playful

Cut the changes in art, share stories, laughs and fun news for colleagues and relatives. They will understand and feel that you want to share your joy and so they will give you the greater.

4. Gift from handwritten pieces of paper

Please write out the words of truth, though very short, it has incredible strength there, whether it's the words "Thank you for helping me" or "Sorry I was too hot for you." Or even a poem or a beautiful advice. It is these little things that can go throughout our lives.

5. Gift from the praise

Praise truly unexpected strength, which can be "red shirt is great with you!" Or "A meal is delicious!" Can bring joy to others throughout the day.

6. Gift from the help

Each day take the initiative to do something nice, you'll find life is fun and light.

7. The gift of silence

Always sensitive to this and to the tranquility necessary for others and there are times when you need to silence him.

8. Gift from the friendly

Fun to say "Hello", "How are you?", "Everything all right?" ... What is easy to say but it remains a good image of you which ones.

Give this gift to the people around you, every day ...

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