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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday has been working since 1874 and it is founded in 92nd street Y.It is a type of centre for the promotion of culture which is bringing the people together for the huge cause that is ' Giving' .

 Giving Tuesday Meanings

Basically its a Global day of Giving celebrated all around the world with the social media behind it.It has been bringing the diverse individuals ,organizations and communities for the one common purpose that is to Give under the Platform of Giving Tuesday.The main purpose the Giving Tuesday to bring forward the individuals who are relatively want to do great things for humanity and mankind and also making collaborations organizations working for nonprofit sector ,individuals etc.

 The Theme behind the Cause

The main theme or the main idea behind the scene is to encourage and helping people by giving them the platform to encourage them for donation.Bring forward to those people who wants to do something for mankind.

The purpose of the campaign is to empower the volunteers who wants to do something for the people living below the poverty line who cannot live the luxury of life in the society.They are engaging about 30000 organizations worldwide and it is in participation with the United nations organizations.


Givkwik is basically a software driven company based on New York City celebrating the Giving Tuesday by Using the social Media.


Giving Tuesday and are the same they are organizing an event and bringing the volunteers ,companies and organizations closer for that particular night and these are tackling 25 different issues in this regard as under.

1) Word Up Community Bookshop(Manhattan-New York)

It is a community that is supporting art and book-keeping and it is also a multilingual community in which people living in neighbourhood improving the lives of the society by using the Books as an instrument.These are hosting concerts, reading, concerts, and developing screening system among people not only empowering them also empowering the community.

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2) The Betes Organization(Brooklyn-New York) 

This foundation is organized in 5 December 2013 the purpose of the organization is to show the path to the people who are involved in the chronic diseases and help them lead the super life and show them the programs shown on the theatre.Leading the team members associated with it and the doctors sit together and develop the programs which deals with the mental and emotional illness that is making the disease more strong.Currently they are focusing on Diabetes and other damaging diseases.

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3) The Architecture of Tomorrow(Brooklyn-New-York)

It is a noon-Profit organization established in 2014 and the founder name is Douglas E. Turner.The main purpose of the organization is to support the cause related to art and gallery work which is ordinary and support the people by giving them the platform and recognition among people.The idea behind the foundation is to provide the quality education to the needs about the art gallery.Art has the power to heal and bring closer the communities to each other.

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4) Career Gear

Financial provides the opportunity to the people who are low-income and who are having some problem continuing their studies and the literacy Level and the professional appearance.The basic purpose of the foundation is to help the men to lead the workforce in the main stream so they will be able to lead the families and become the mentors for the others as well. 

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