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Giving Tuesday was established by 92nd street Y in 2012 as a charitable answer to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday retail shopping days, Giving Tuesday is a worldwide movement to encourage the people giving and celebrate generosity. Engaging the collective power of the charities, businesses, and individuals, the goal of this initiative is to transform the people how they think about, talk about and participate in giving all year round and give their precious time especially during the holidays and otherwise when they busy.

Its an organization which purpose is to support the charitable businesses so that join in and makng the celebrations of 'Giving' .It also gives the the opportunities to subscribe and make the profile and stay updated with the Giving Tuesday.There is the link below.

A Global day

It is a global day which is celebrated on December ,1 of each year internationally bringing people together with the spirit of giving more and more and more and to empower the activities.In addition to this giving Tuesday also encourages the individuals to join the movement to support the cause they are most passionate about and with the activities like creating their own compaigns and mobilizing others to support a cause close to their hearts.


Volunteers at a charity organize a team related to your family,friends or in your neighbourhood collect a donation in shape of money or clothing required by the needy people.

purpose of Giving Tuesday

The purpose of the Giving Tuesday is to support and collect the ideas about managing the charities.Basically the ideas is to pay back the day and that day is celebrated on 2nd of December each year its a global day dedicated to giving back,Panel has been performing its duties for purpose of getting information about how the fund rasising techniques can be re organized to abundant the fund for the charities.

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Non Profit Organizations

The motive behind the progressive management of Giving Tuesday Involving the social media in the Compaign for the special cause that is to bring te resources open for funding and on the other hand to brought up the talented people and providing a platform to other nonprofit organizations to work efficiently becausw they them the sense to promote their projects Globaly and its also brings the collective power of a unique partners with it in shape of organizations,corporations,corporative environment.It is also encouraging for the people who are taking a part as a kind to do the act of kindness.

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Global Empowerment

It is Global and in many countries.With the #Giving Tuesday is a day when people around the world come together with the one initiative that is to give back as the movement started in U.S and continue to grow in some of the countries like U.S and encouraging the communities around and creating their own initiative.It is working other than U.S around the Glob which involve Australia ,Israel, Canada, Kenya, Germany, Latin America, Spain, Singapore,Ireland, New Zeland, Brazil and Unitd Kingdom etc.

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What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is a Marketing term that is used after celebrating the Thanks giving day in all over United States and the term is created by the online business and Marketing companies to bring people and affect them to shop online.In on of the recent research that said 77 percent of the shopping is increased on Monday because people use to sit and online give the order and the order delivers at the spot. 

The term is created by the marketing companies. The official report of 2014 about Cyber Monday that says the overall sales recorded heavily about 2.68 Billion Dollars which is a remarkable change in the world of business.The deals are made online and generally given a chance to small retailers to compete with the big retailers and to make a reputation in the Business.It is the term used internationally all around the Globe by all the online Retailers of Argentine ,China ,Japan ,Holand ,Newzeland ,Australia ,Denmark ,Ireland and many other countries of the world. 


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What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the term used that is followed by the thanks giving Tuesday in the United States and because of the Christmas Shopping Season many retailers start the black Friday early becasue of offering promotional Sales.Black Friday is not a holiday because of it is celebrated as thanks giving Tuesday so thats why in many of the states of united states of America like in California and some other states it states as an official holiday.In 2014 approximately 133 Million consumers shopped online during the 4 day black Friday weekend that is record than the previous year.

because of the retailers they open for late midnight in the Christmas season and the offers for a limited period of time and the stock as well people use to come in numbers and in this way choas comes in the way and they don't even think about the others what is going on and in this way injuries and sudden strangling moments makes a situation critical for children,Olders and the pregnant women. 

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Tips for Giving Tuesday

Because of the international trend of using Cyber Monday and Black Friday and the last Year Cyber Monday's last year they generated was 21% of the sales that is a record and approximately $2.29 Billion of sales.


The first tip of the time is to join and to be the part of Giving Tuesday.Please list yourself first.

Broader Team

Bring the volunteers to recruit in a team and give a title to a group.

Focusing on the new comers as donors

While finding out some new donors make sure that the message is produced is worthwhile and to encouraging one for the supporters so that raise funds for the donations keeping in view.

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GIV.NYC and Giving Tuesday

GIV.NYC  and Giving Tuesday are the same if you say Giving Tuesday or say GIV.NYC.Giving Tuesday has been widly recognized in past two years.It is meant to inspire the people and involving to get inspired and open their hearts and wallets for giving and also encouraging people to give online.
















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