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  1. What is Givkwik
  2. History of Givkwik
  3. Team Givkwik
  4. How Givkwik Works
  5. Giving Tuesday
  6. How To Join Giving Tuesday

What Is Givkwik

Givkwik is basically a software company, inspired by the concept of philanthrophy. Philanthrophy is basically a word from Greek, meaning loving humanity. It is the idea of caring for humans and increasing their values. Now Givkwik is going great with their mission of applying this awesome concept of spreading human love and valuing human abilities. The basic idea of Gvkwik works around three sectors, the companies, the communities and the causes. Later in this blog we will briefly discuss the working of Givkwik. If we are able to develop and start more such organizations we can surely make this Earth a great place to live.

A video about basic ideas of Givkwik ( source: YouTube )

History Of Givkwik

Jason Rosado, from New York, is the main person behind Givkwik, he is the founder and CEO of the organization. According to him he's a futurist and the idea of Givkwik clicked his mind about 10 years before, when he was hanging out with friends. It all started as an idea of using the technology and art of giving together for application of the concept of philanthropy, and that's how the foundations were laid. About 10 years later after the very beginning foundations were laid, in the year of 2012 Givkwik came to existence, and started its mission of spreading love.

Jason Rosado, CEO and Founder Givkwik ( source: Google )

Jason Rosado about Givkwik ( source: YouTube )

Team Givkwik

The Givkwik team is base on one Chief Executive Officer (CEO), one Chief Technical Officer (CTO), one Executive Vice President (EVP), two Evangelist and four Advisors.

1) CEO

Jason Rosado leads the team being founder and CEO of the organiztion Givkwik.

Jason Rosado, Founder and CEO Givkwik ( source: Google )

2) The CTO

Tom Roli, CTO at Givkwik ( source:Google)

Tom serves as the CTO, for Givkwik, that makes him the leader of Givkwik's technical team, and puts a huge responsibility on his shoulders. Goodluck Tom!

3) The EVP

Thaddeus Wojcik, EVP Givkwik ( source: google )

Leads the legal and business affairs at Givkwik, and is the Executive Vise President, has a lot of experience with social services.

4) Advisors

Givkwik has a total of four advisors in their team, Himayet, Dipti Pratt, Jorge Fontanez and Leslie Witt. All very experienced with their work

Himayet Khan ( source: google ) 

Dipti Pratt ( source: google )

Jorge Fontanez ( source: google )

Leslie Witt ( source: google )

5) Evangelist

Troup and Brad serve Givkwik as evangelist, they help with social awareness and in new business partnership opportunities.

Troup Coronado ( source: google )

Brad Michaels ( source: google )

A short video from Givkwik youtube channel ( source: YouTube )

How Givkwik Works

The main idea of Givkwik is building a crowd willing to give, bringing them close, giving them a platform and an opportunity to contribute in making people's life better. Now Givkwik works around three main sectors The Companies, The Communities and The Causes. For companies, it empowers the employees brings them in engagement with each other to decide where to give and donate, for communities it brings the groups of people supporting a cause and let them donate and for causes it makes easier for them to get a sponsor and continue their mission of giving. So from all the analysis we come to a conclusion that Givkwik is basically giving you the power and a platform to make your decision in contributing making people's life better. It's all happening through the technology, so you don't have to make any physical efforts for it. Everything happens just with clicks.


Sponsors of Giv.NYC 2k15 ( source: Gvkwik )

Some of Givkwik's supported causes ( source: Givkwik )


This is Givkwik ( source: YouTube )

 Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is an upcoming event by Givkwik, that will take place on 1st December 2015 ( 1.12.2015 ). This event will last uptill 5 hours starting at 7 P.M and closing at 11 P.M New York time that is from 1100z to 0300z. Like we have a day for celebration day for everything like, Thanks giving, Christmas and all, 1st December that is upcoming Tuesday has been selected a day for celebration of the art of giving. Its the day when millions of people from around the globe will join together to celebrate the generosity of people. This is a great idea to motivate the people towards helping and sharing what they got. If we keep having events like these and organizations like Givkwik, we can probably root up the poverty from the face of this earth. This is probably a great step towards a bright, prosperous and a safe future.

Givkwik Giving Tuesday Logo ( source: google )

Giving Tuesday 2k14 ( source: YouTube )

Inteview with Matt Ronen Founder of Service Year and Giving Tuesday 2014 Winner at GIVNYC New York ( source: YouTube )


Brief Video On Giving Tuesday ( source: YouTube )

How To Join Giving Tuesday

  1. First of all go to
  2. Click Join #GivingTuesday

  3. Click on either of following.

  4. For Become a Partner fill this and you are good to go.

  5. For Newsletter fill this form and you are done.

This was all about joining GivingTuesday.


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