Global opportunities for Afghan students

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All developed countries invite students from under developed countries by offering them scholarships on annual basis.Scholarship is type of financial aid awarded to students to further his/her education. There are various criteria for any scholarship depending on pre described criteria and selection process.

Afghanistan students are awarded different scholarships from countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada and many more. Afghan students are invited to study there with monthly stipend being provided to them. Scholarships in Afghanistan are mostly distributed and awarded by Afghanistan Ministry of Higher education to those deserving candidates looking to upgrade their educational qualification.


       " we have all got a black book of missed opportunities"

_Jim Broad bent

I am sharing list of scholarships and other paid programs for Afghan students that can help students achieve what they want to,i am hopeful everyone of you will be looking for these opportunities.

1. Full bright scholarship(Masters program)


2. Chevening UK government scholarships


3. Erasmus Mundus


4. Scholarships for Afghan students by Pakistan government


5. Karsh International scholarship by university of Duke


6. Scholarships by Indian council for cultural relations


7. Australian scholarship for International Students


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