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The phraseGlobal Warming “ is on the lips of numerous people these days. It raises several questions. What is global warming? Should people be worried? What can be done to stop global warming? Should it be stopped or overlooked?

The standard temperature of our earth is increasing gradually. This worldwide augment in temperature is called global warming. Some say that the increase is disturbing. We cannot choose how a great deal it is true. It is, anyway, true that the increases in temperature are occurrence more rapidly now than in the history.

One chief cause of this worldwide enlarge are the greenhouse gases. These gases, like a greenhouse, keep heat in the atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide is the major greenhouse gas. It is formed by the burning of remnant fuels, like coal, oil and Gasoline.

The heave in greenhouse gases will avert heat from escaping into space. They will even reproduce heat back to the earth. Life on earth will be really affected by this heat. Another main cause of the ascend in worldwide temperature is the movement of the sun itself. This star is getting hotter and hotter. The temperature of its center is increasing. As a result, there is an increase in its heat and radiation. All of this heat and radiation streams towards the earth on each day basis. The result is hotter temperature all around.

The hotter the temperature is, the sooner the glaciers will melt. Glaciers make up a great part of Antarctica, Greenland, and other land areas in the far north and south. If temperatures increase, the ice in glaciers will melt. Sea levels will increase as there will be more water in oceans. There may be floods on a large scale. As the temperature of the earth increases, there will be a decrease in rainfall. It means the earth will get hotter and hotter; it will become difficult to grow crops. There will be less food. Life on earth will be in danger

On the other part of this increase in temperature, the precipitation in monsoon areas increases.

The monsoon is the yearly storm that brings large amounts of rain in some areas of land. India and Bangladesh are particularly hit by these rains every year. The same is the condition in some parts of Southeast Asia. A large human population is living on the coasts of India and Bangladesh. The grouping of severe monsoons and rising sea levels will be a twice danger for them.













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