Global warming

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Global warming is a phrase accustomed to explain the rise of temperature and its changes on the Earth’s environment and its oceanic masses; it is a change that is believed to change the actual Earth’s weather forever. Although it is definitely a continuous question, it's proved by the researchers that the globe is usually warming up.

Scientist has proved that from 1950, the actual world’s weather has been warming up, mainly due to emissions of substances by burning of fossil fuels along with the razing woodlands. Due to industrial evolution there exists a constant emission on the carbon into the environment, every day we all leave carbon foot prints. Thus is a main cause due to which actual world is warming up. This world-wide emission leaped up amazingly 3 percentages in 2011 and it increases by other only two. 6 percentages in 2012, researchers claimed.

The reason due to which the earth is heating up is the emission of carbon into the environment is increase in industrial activities and burning of fuel  which increase methane and other toxic chemicals in environment this global warming is now responsible of many haphazard occurring on the earth like  due to increase in oceans levels many species like polar bear are at the edge of extension