GMA’s one of the best comedy game shows: celebrity Bluff Christmas edition

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Celebrity Bluff is one of the best comedy game show in the Philippine Television; it is aired every Saturday night at 9:15 Pm after the show Magpakailanman. This show aimed to give entertainment to the viewers and to educate as well. Now, as I’m writing this blog, Celebrity Bluff is now in its 12th season and the hosts of this show are considered as best comedians in the Philippines.


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The Hosts of this game are divided into two, the main host which is Ms. Eugene Domingo and the celebrity bluffers which are Jose Manalo, Isko Moreno and Boobay. The main host is the one who will instruct the players and read the questions and the bluffers which referred as Gangnammm are responsible in giving the possible correct answers in a tricky way.


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Celebrity Bluff is a Filipino game show created by GMA Network, which first aired on November 17, 2012 and November 24, 2012 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. Now, as I am writing this blog, Celebrity Bluff is now in its 12th season. The formerly host of this TV shows are Eugene Domingo, Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola and Boobay or other guest celebrity host. But now, the considers original bluffers or celebrity hosts are Jose Manalo, Isko Moreno and Boobay since Wally Bayola was involved in a controversy.

he first winner of this game is Betong Sumayaw as you can see in the video below.

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This show is really a good show for everyone because it educates us aside to the joy it brings. The show got already some awards like Best Game show (2013), Outstanding gem/Talent program (2014), and Best Game Show (2014). The main host Ms. Eugene Domingo won the award, Outstanding Game/Talent Program Host for this game show.




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The rules of this game are divided into three rounds. The three players will attempt to outwit one another by answering questions to advance to the succeeding rounds.

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The first round is called the “FACT OR BLUFF” and this round is divided into two levels. In level one, the prize is 2,000 in every square, square are the term for every category of the game and it contains the questions for the players. Three players, whether in dual or individual will choose a square and the main host, Ms. Eugene Domingo is the one who will read the question, the celebrity bluffers will provide the possible answers in a tricky way. The players have to decide whether their chosen bluffer's answer is a fact or a bluff. If answered correctly, the players get to keep the cash prize for that question otherwise the cash prize will be split between the opponents. In the level two of first round, the prize worth 4,000 and the rule are the same in the level one.


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The second round is called “Word War” the players race to solve each three scrambled word and every word have different values. First word is P5, 000 the second word is P7, 000 and the last word is P9, 000 to advance to the final round. The bluffers will give clues to the puzzles so that the players get insight into their minds. The player who got the highest accumulated point moves on to the final round.

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In round three, the new Christmas edition game called “TOP 10” is played. The host will give the 10 questions wherein the players will just guess and answer whether each question is a fact or bluff. Each question worth 10, 000 and the players are given 60 seconds to answer the 10 statement questions, But since the Christmas is near to come, the team of the game gives their generosity in the way that the players just need to get 8 correct answers and they could get a Jackpot prize worth 500,000 otherwise the players go home with the consolation prize they accumulated depends upon to how many correct answers they got.



Due to the fast changing generation of technologies, the impact makes every one of use separated. There is a time that I saw a post on facebook like this

Even at the very first glance, I understand that technologies make us different now. We talk to others in chat but lessen to the people around us. Have you notice the same? I and my sister used to be close before but when she started to be exposed to some social media sites like facebook and tweeter the gap started. We sometimes make fun by commenting in someone’s post but not often in real situation anymore.

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The impact of this television show makes me wonder. And it feels good to me because we gathered as one. Me and my family gathered every time the celebrity bluff is aired because my mother find it too entertaining to watch, she always laughed loud whenever Jose Manalo also known as “Pamabasang Manliligaw” (National Suitor) shows his way of courting the main Host Eugene Domingo. And through her reaction I laughed loud also. The set of this show is quite funny to watch and aside from the happiness they bring to the viewers, they also bring knowledge. They educate the viewers by the way that every question possesses information that sometimes we should know.

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Thanks to the founder of this show and so with the stuffs because my family built a so-called quality time since we laugh and learn together whenever we watch this show.


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