God and Love

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This world was made on the basis of love. God loved Muhammad (P B U H), so he made this world. Not only Prophet Muhammad (P B U H), he loves all human beings. Not only human beings, he loves all his creatures. His love is unlimited. We can’t even know and can’t number his creatures but he loves all his creatures and takes care of them. He provides food even to all birds, animals, insects and the creatures unknown to us. He also conveys water, sunlight and air to plants. Each and every thing is getting advantage of his blessings. He takes care of his all creatures. So god forbids human beings from teasing any of his creatures. He annoys at human beings when they torture any of its creatures.

     But among all his creatures, he loves Human Beings very much. His love is unlimited we can’t imagine it. He gives us all that which we want. His great blessing of all is that he made us human, superior to all creatures. He gave us heart for emotions, feelings, eyes for seeing, ear for listening, hands for work, foot for walking and other parts for different persons.


     We can’t pay even gratitude for only our body. We only wish, God gives those things to us. But we never pay thanks to him for his blessings. Sometimes, we are not granted anything that we want; we become angry and say foolish things. But reality is that what we want and not granted to us is not good for us. so God save us from painful things.


   Whenever we are in distress, no one comes for our help but God. All of us call the name of God in tension and he helps us in divine way. According to Holy Prophet (P B U H)

           “God loves man more than 70 times the love of mother”.

   Sometimes, no one is listening to us, our heart is feeling pain but there is no one who can understand us but God listens and feels our pain and puts ointment on our wounds.

   As he is our owner he must be obeyed, worshipped and loved, but we always disobeyed him. Instead of this he should be angry at ourselves, and should torment us but he still sends towards us food,. Water and all the things of our necessities, but in time of danger, our heart calls his name for help and he is always here to help us.

     As human beings, we are so ungrateful; we always cry for the things, not granted to us but never pay thanks for the things that we have.

   Sometimes, everyone leave us in time of distress, even brothers, sisters, friends and even parents never come to our help but God comes to us and listens our prayers and helps us.

 When no one is there to believe us and all are blaming us for the wrong, but God is here to believe us and soothe our worried heart and makes us able to face even worst situations in the life.

     He gave us life full of colors, made tree for shade, fruits, fuel and timber. He made flowers to make the world colorful and full of fragrance. He made rivers for providing water and for transport. He made mountains for firmness of earth. He made animals for our ride and their meat as a food for us. He made day and night for our work and rest and he made other countless things for us so that we can take benefit from them.

   He ordered sun to give us light and to provide heat for several purposes, he made horses obedient to us so he carries our and ordered air to provide coldness for us and he made all the creatures obedient to us so that we can use them for different purposes. He is so lovely that he made us able to rule over the world and to control all the creatures by using our wisdom.


   God is great but we are too much ordinary. We are not able for his love. Can we only pay thanks to God that he made us beautiful and handsome and of charming personality with that we are able to move in the world?

     Not in this world, but in the world here after, he has kept award for us in the form of heaven, if we do good deeds, we will be awarded where we will live forever but in the case if do wrong deeds, we will put in to the hell but its our fault, we are ourselves responsible for it. God is merciful, he will never do injustice.

     Life and death both are blessings. Some people may think death is injustice but death is the way of escape from miseries of life. If there had not been death, then there was not any free place to live. When life becomes miserable then death gives a relief to us. So don’t be angry, pay thanks to him for all of his blessings and awards.

   As a human, it’s our duty to worship Allah with the purity of heart and apologize him for our mistakes and pay thanks for his blessings.


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My name is zain ul abidin. I am a player of gymnastic and karate. i joined bitlanders at 11th jan 2014.

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