God wanted to use you! (Devotion 5/3/15)

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Exodus 3:11-14


Here God revealed Himself to Moses, and He wanted Moses to go back to egypt to rescue Israel (Israelites). When Moses runaway fron egypt, he stayed in the wilderness for 40 years, until God showed Hinself to Moses through the Burning Bushes. And in this certain passage, God is telling Moses that He will use him to rescue Israel from the slavery of egyptians.


If you think that it is impossible that God can use you then think again. The life of Moses can prove you that God can use anyone. In chapter 4 of Exodus, Moses is insisting that he cannot do it. That he cannot save israel from the hand of Pharaoh, he said " O Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue" Exodus 4:10. But God answered him, I will help you to speak and teach you what to say. 


Most of the time when God is telling us to do something, we tend to deny and answer Him that we cannot do it. Responding to Him that "who am i? I am just a child and i cannot do anything". But God is telling us now that He wanted to use us and it is Him who will work inside of us. If He can create a universe, you think He cannot give you what you lack? Even for the first place, He is the one who created us right? 


If God wanted to use you, that means He sees something great in you and He wanted you to unleashed it! Just trust Him, Look at Moses he barely can't talk to people but God uses him to save Israelites from the slavery of egyptians. 


~Devotion 5/3/15 (Day)

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