Going To "Nonna's Suprise Birthday" With Culinary Icon Lidia Bastianich

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Lidia Bastianich is one of the world's most revered chefs, restaurateurs, and culinary TV personalities. Arguably, the world's queen of Italian cuisine, Lidia has released countless bestselling books, built a restaurant empire along with her son, Masterchef's Joe Bastianich, and daughter, and created a culinary lifestyle brand second to none. Her restaurants Felidia, Del Posto, Becco, Eataly, Esca, and more, have become culinary landmarks. Her newest children's book, "Nonna's Birthday Surprise", showcases what has made Lidia one of the world's greatest authorities in the culinary world, Food and Family!

Here "The King Of Kamelot" sits down for an intimate #InTheLab with a culinary icon Lidia Bastianich, to talk about her incredible rise from a popular restaurant in Queens to one of the world's most revered chefs, building an empire with her family and Mario Batali, her love of food and the art of learning and preparing it, her new book "Nonna's Birthday Surprise", and so much more! Lidia is a cooking genius, so it was an honor to delve into her world with her!

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