Going To "Rock My RV" On Travel Channel With Bret Michaels

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Bret Michaels is one busy man. He is one of Rock and Roll's most iconic frontmen, one of television's most beloved reality personalities with VH1's "Rock of Love" and NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice", the face and founder of the Life Rocks Foundation, and a successful entrepreneur across various genres. Now, with his new awesome show on Travel Channel, "Rock My RV With Bret Michaels" debuting Sunday May 26th at 9pm, Bret is diving into people's lives and changing them one family at a time by taking their dilapidated RV's and turning them into palaces on wheels. Here is a great synopsis from TravelChannel.com:

"Fans of Michaels know him as a long-time RV devotee, and now Travel Channel is revealing, for the first time, just how deep his RV passions run. Michaels, a hands-on enthusiast, leads a team of skilled, custom RV designers and fabricators who transform travelers’ ordinary RVs into the most outrageous, badass, hooked-up mobile mansions on the road.

“For the past 25 years, Bret Michaels has spent at least 9 months out of the year in a tour bus that he personally designs from top to bottom,” said Andy Singer, Travel Channel GM. “We couldn’t think of a better front man than Bret for the series. He lives and breathes life on the road, and undoubtedly, holds the record for the most hours logged in a custom coach. Bret jumped at the chance to share his passion for travel and the RV experience through the fascinating, obsessive world of customizing RVs.”

“Between touring and traveling, I spend a lot of time on the road, and my tricked-out, custom coach is my home away from home,” says “Rock My RV” host Bret Michaels. “I crisscross the country and live in my tour bus, and I know how to take an RV from ordinary to extraordinary. I can’t wait to put my expertise to use and show people how to make their RVs rock.”

Here "The King Of Kamelot" sits down #InTheLab with the incredible Bret Michaels to talk about his inspirational and fun new show on the Travel Channel "Rock My RV With Bret Michaels", his iconic career and moments in rock and television, the wonderful work that he does for diabetes with his Life Rocks Foundation, reinventing himself for 3 generations of fans, his new album featuring Jimmy Buffet, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ace Frehley, and more, his pet clothing line "Pet Rocks" at PetSmart, and so much more! It's humbling to see someone who has packed stadiums and entertained millions remain so humble and grounded, but this is the appeal that has made Bret Michaels so popular to millions of loyal fans around the world.

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