Good bye March, HELLO April

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What an interesting Month it has been.

March has been a good month, film making wise. I managed to finally shoot another film (Mark Kuczewski’s Falling), to gear up to premiere my own film, REST, check out Jennifer Bourne’s Article about the online premiere coming this week

And last but definitely not least, I managed to start pre - production on my next film.

So what does April hold? Well like I mentioned, I started pre production on my next film, Half and Half. It’s a documentary based around a few individuals who migrated to Europe at a young age and still find themselves here after living here up to adulthood. It’s a subject close to me as I moved to the UK in my teenage years, and somehow find myself still living here (it’s a great place really).

As migration (or immigration) is a big topic on the agenda throughout Europe and the rest of the world, it’s probably the best time to delve into the subject. It’s all fine and dandy talking about people as statistics, but I'm always intrigued to find out what is an individuals motivation for moving half way around the world to a completely different way of life. I did a film whilst I was at University about the Afro - Caribbean community in the UK and whether they see themselves as British or not, it's not exactly the same film, but they touch on over arching themes. You can check it out here:

This film will delve more into the actual everyday thoughts and challenges these individuals face , it's more of a character study as opposed to a subject study.

Ultimately, I’m looking to film it this month over the course of a few weekends. There is going to be an emphasis on the theme of an empty canvas, but I’m not going to say anymore than that.

I know in my previous blog post I basically was moaning about how long film making takes when you don’t have the time, but this time we are going to aim to have this one done and dusted before the end of May. Exciting times, I will keep you guys posted over the coming weeks about how the filming/editing is going.

But until then, Stay Safe and Take Care


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