Good friends, Bad friends

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The friends are the essential part of life. They are like family a family in which love, fun and happiness is necessary. The friends may respectable and are of good nature. A good friend is necessary for life. Friends are of good nature and habits.

Good friends:

                               Good friends are those which are be nice and gentle with us. They are of good characters. If they are good in studies the effect of his studies and you became a good student. His decision is right for us and a good friend is with us in all condition however the condition is bad or good for him. A good friend is good for our studies and for good habits. Good friends always have time for you and your good and difficult situations. A good friend is necessary for everyone .In short the good friends are very good to find.

Bad friends:

                     Bad friends are those which are not good for us we have to keep distance from them. Bad friends are rude, do smoking, not well-behaved, didn’t respect their parents and trouble makers. The effects of these things are   on you and your image. Their decision was wrong for you. They didn’t stood forward in you bad situation. They teach you the bad things and make you like them. So we don’t need a bad friend.

We all need a better life and better friends. 

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