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It's good practice to network and share with others and help others promote their business's too. In promoting others you'll gain a good reputation and in turn others will be more motivated to help you too.



As many of you have an on-line business’ that you are trying to grow, promote and make some income with I thought I’d share a little about ways that have worked for me. There are millions of people around the globe logging onto the internet daily. These people are looking for work from home ideas or business’, services or products to purchase. 

If you have a company where you are selling products like myself the first thing to do is to set up an attractive website, maintain it regularly and add new products daily if this is something you can do. Then join social/business networks and market, market, market. Of course go about this in a professional manner, you don’t want to annoy people and turn them away. The idea is to capture their attention with your designs, products or services so they will remember you and return to your site.



In order to grow your business you have to network with others. Facebook, Pinterest,Twitter, a FB business page, LinkedIn, a blog (Blogger or Word press are great ones) to get started with. IBO Toolbox makes it easy to connect and get to know others that might be working on similar business ideas like yourself.

Connect with others through sharing content, commenting on others blogs and tweeting great posts. These practices can really help you to stay motivated too! Remember success doesn't happen over night but it does happen! Hope this inspires you and helps you take the next step on your journey.

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